Kent Mango & Passion Fruit

The perfect alliance between two gourmet fruits.
The passion fruit or maracuja from Vietnam offers freshness and a pleasant acidity on the palate. This is directly followed by the sweetness and delicacy of la mangue Kent from South America for a long and pleasant finish in the mouth. Just shake the bottle with "Rhumantisme" to make the two lovers cohabit again and obtain the perfect alliance expected.

On the nose: An impression of perfect balance. The freshness of passion fruit, mango and discreet alcohol on the finish. A floral dimension is added to the mango freshness. Hints of pear and banana can be felt.

In the mouth: A nice surprise, fruit dominated by the mango, persimmon and cocoa notes. The natural sugar of the fruit gives a suave and syrupy sweetness while keeping a certain straightness in the mouth. On the finish, notes of bourbon vanilla can be felt.

41.00 VAT

Ingredients : Agricultural rum Guadeloupe, sugar syrup, mango (7.1%), passion fruit (7.1%).

30% vol / 70 cl